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There is nothing more important than loving yourself.  When you love yourself, everything else in your life falls into place.  That’s because the deeper you can affirm your own worth, the more the world affirms it, too.

That’s why we are calling you.
Successful, professional women around the globe — women just like you — are yearning for the deep sense of peace and power that only true self love can provide.

And  yet, too many of us are saving the best of our love for others.  We’re not giving ourselves what we want, but seeking it from others. We know we could take better care of ourselves, but … we don’t.

It’s time to make a real commitment to yourself.  It’s time to promise yourself to yourself.  And you can start now in this no-cost telesummit in the comfort of your home, with your favorite cup of tea…


Say “I do” to this free telesummit if:

  • You’re tired of the nagging self doubt and you want to feel more confidence
  • You struggle with prioritizing self-care and your own needs
  • You desire to love and cherish yourself more fully
  • You want to say yes to living your dreams and no to letting your fears rule you
  • You yearn to feel more connected to your heart
  • You feel a deep sense of love for the earth and for our world
  • You are ready for abundance in every area of your life
  • You’re prepared to embrace all parts of you (even those parts that aren’t so easy to love)
  • You desire connection with a community of empowered, heart-centered wise women

For a whole month, you’ll discover how to deepen self-love and embrace your calling with 13 brilliant, successful women who are making a difference in the lives of women all across the world, and are doing it from a place of deeply centered commitment to themselves..

Featuring Self-Love Luminaries:

Marci Shimoff (New York Times best-selling author, Love for No Reason, Women’s Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the movie, “The Secret”)

Claire Zammit (The Feminine Power Network)

Christine Arylo (Self-love expert for women, author of Madly in Love With Me)

Tama Kieves (Career Transformation coach & author of Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!)

Dr. Lara and Johnny Fernandez (Soulmate Mentors)

Sara Avant Stover (author of Way of the Happy Woman, The Red Tent Women’s Circle)

Dr. Diana Kirschner (author of Love in 90 Days)

KC Baker (Founder of The School for The Well Spoken Woman LIVE)


The time you spend with them will change your life.

Who are we and why are we talking about love?

We are coaches who have seen that our clients thrive in all areas of life when they commit to self-love.

We are committed to diving deep with women luminaries around the world to explore what we believe is the most important concern for women today: how to deeply and truly embrace and cherish all that we are.

Our speakers for this telesummit were hand-picked because of their incredible wisdom and their practical strategies to help you love yourself on a whole new level.  And once that happens — once you commit to everything that you are and cherish yourself completely — as a woman, you are unstoppable.

What you have inside you, this world needs.  And we want to see you embrace that in a whole new way, to make YOU your most important life partner.


Where is this taking place?

Anywhere around the world.  From the comfort of your home you get to listen in as these guest experts share their own journeys toward self-love and wholeness.  And it’s free to attend!

We invite you to take your relationship with yourself to the next level now.  It’s time to say yes to honoring and cherishing yourself!

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Questions & Answers about The Marry Yourself Telesummit:

Q:  Is this telesummit just for single people?

A:  Absolutely not!  Marrying yourself is about being whole within yourself. When you experience that sense of wholeness, your entire life feels more satisfying,whether you are single or partnered. If you are in a relationship that makes your partnership even more juicy and successful.

Q:  Why would I marry myself?

In archetypal psychology (developed by Carl Jung), the marriage of the inner masculine and feminine is at the heart of becoming whole. This is the sacred marriage that we all strive for in the process of individuation. It is also the alchemy that allows for you to gather the inner resources to transform any area of your life in need of healing. So, by marrying yourself, you’re setting the stage to really experience the life you long for. In our experience, the symbolic commitment of marrying yourself is the foundation of a lifelong love affair with you and the key to unlock your heart’s deepest yearnings. And we know this from personal experience.  The Mandala, Sanskrit for circle or completion, has a long history and is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness (see below).


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We will send you an email reminding you the day before the call.  In addition, the free replays will be available for 48 hours after each call.  There will be a live Q and A after every call  that takes place on a Friday.  So try to be live on those calls to have your questions answered by our luminaries!


About Your Conversation Facilitators/Hosts:

Tarra Christoff, MA, is dedicated to helping women create meaningful and soul-satisfying work that transforms our world. She is the creator of The Inspired Work Teleclass Program, a coaching journey for women ready to embrace a holistic approach to career transformation. Tarra has led workshops at The Omega Institute, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, and The California Institute of Integral Studies. She has hosted interviews with luminaries for The Coaches Care Project and New Dimensions Media. Tarra personally experienced marrying herself and it was a life-changing experience that she feels called to share with other women. Tarra lived in Ubud, Bali Indonesia for 6 months in 2011 and is called to share the magic of this sacred land with other women. To learn more, visit www.workthatmakesadifference.com

Maya Diamond, MA, is a Life and Dating Coach, and workshop leader who helps women find and maintain satisfying, juicy, and fulfilling relationships. She received her Master’s in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She also leads Being the Beloved, a 12-week Coaching Group for women that is focused on stepping into your passion, power, and self-love. Maya is a trained yoga teacher. She has traveled the world and lived in Guatemala for six months. To learn more, visit www.mayadiamond.com



For more information about Tarra and Maya’s offerings, please visit http://marryyourself.me


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